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While it’s commonly believed that herpes doesn’t have a cure, it’s probably a widely known fact that it’s highly treatable. However, some not-so-reliable but important research that has been done recently on some herpes treatments suggest that it may be possible to get rid of the condition for good.

While we don’t wish to get into that, we certainly want to explain you how you can easily “treat” herpes to a considerable extent, even if not completely.

Herpes Medications

You’re probably already aware of this. There are a few herpes medications out there that have been proven reasonably effective for many when it comes to controlling the outbreaks and symptoms.

While some do experience certain side effects of these medications, they are usually considered safe enough for most.

However, some major downsides of these drugs is that they are very expensive, and you usually have to take them very regularly in order to keep the outbreaks under check. This means that they are a very temporary solution, not to mention very expensive as well.

Finally, it’s also a little disappointing that these drugs are known to just suppress the symptoms, and not really help much in getting rid of them.

A Healthy Diet

A healthy diet certainly seems to be a reasonably effective and natural way of trying to keep the outbreaks under control. However, a healthy diet for herpes isn’t the same as a healthy diet in general, as it involves skipping certain foods which may otherwise be considered healthy.

The very first thing to do would be to avoid alcohol and smoking, as they tend to lead to flare ups, making it very difficult to control outbreaks. Similarly, eating fast food or processed food is almost like asking for trouble, as they tend to weaken your immune system, making it easier for the virus to cause outbreaks over the long term.

Finally, while there are many other things to consider, and an important one is that foods that are rich in arginine need to be avoided as well. Arginine is believed to be crucial for the growth of the herpes virus, which makes it obvious as to why you need to avoid its intake as much as possible.


There are also certain herbs out there that seem to be working surprisingly effectively not only for controlling the outbreaks, but also for improving your immune system and restricting the growth of the virus. In fact, there seems to be some evidence that some herbs may even help get rid of the outbreaks for good, which is obviously your ultimate goal while dealing with herpes.

Herpes Remover seems to be an excellent eBook to read if you want to learn about these herbs and achieve the same surprisingly positive results some others have managed to using them.

A Strong Immune System

A weak immune system is probably one of the last things you would want while dealing with herpes, as it makes it so much more challenging to control the outbreaks and restrict the virus. While shifting to a healthy diet and avoiding some things that we mentioned above is a good start, there’s a lot more to it that you can probably find through some research or in Herpes Remover, the eBook that we just talked about above.

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