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Simple Steps to Stay Away from Addictions

One glass of wine twice a week is said to be beneficial for improving blood flow, enhancing memory and better skin conditions. When this glass of wine grows to become a bottle of alcohol it starts threatening your heart health, kidneys, liver, blood veins and vessels, brain and the whole body. There are three types of drinkers, namely occasional, moderate and heavy types. The next stage to heavy drinking is said to be alcoholism for which there is no known cure yet in the medical field. Nicotine is another addictive substance which is an essential ingredient in cigarettes. It said to be responsible for many disorders affecting health and fitness.

 Steps to Stay Away from Addictions

Moderate Drinking

Alcohol consumption is said to be moderate when it is regulated at 13 drinks in a week for men and 7 for women. 350 millilitres of beer 140 millilitres of wine and 40 millilitres of hard alcoholic beverages in one drink could help in reducing heart disorders. Eating nuts, pork snacks and kebab before your drink can help in easing of alcohol effects. Chicken salads, fish and lean meat after the drink help in digesting the beverages and avoiding next day hangover.

Avoid Smoking

Every time you get stressed out or tensed up your automatic reaction is to reach for a cigarette. A long puff of smoke gives you the illusion of driving away your stress factors and making you feel fresh. In fact it is the opposite which is happening within your body and brain. The cells are getting addicted to nicotine by a process of absorption. Once nicotine enters the cells, there is practically no way it can be removed.  Lungs, blood veins, heart, skin and other sensitive parts of central nervous system start getting weaker due to excessive smoking. But quitting is not as easy as you imagine.

  • Withdrawal symptoms are compounded by the release of epinephrine chemical from your brain which makes it impossible to concentrate and relax. Gradual reduction of smoking (for example three cigarettes a day) could help in long term recovery.
  • Eating chocolates or peppermint when you get a craving for nicotine is known to be helpful. Ginger can help in reducing feelings of nausea and removing toxic substances leftover in your body due to cigarettes. Pepper is a known medicine for clearing your lungs and respiratory system.

Stop Weed and Drugs

People smoke Marijuana for the effects it produces, taking them to a state of hallucination and escaping from reality of life. Soon it becomes an addictive behaviour for the body and brain cannot function without it. Total abstinence is supposed to be the only way in which once can stay away from the addictive behaviour. If the addition is in critical stages one may need medical treatment and therapy before going on programs to stay clean “one day at a time” which are also applicable to alcoholism. Staying   away from additions after being affected by them is not an easy task and needs a desire to stay away as the primary requirement.

Physical Fitness for wholesome Health

Staying physically fit need not necessarily mean being Arnold or Stallone. It is your body’s capacity to function throughout the day without undergoing stress, fatigue and weakness. Endurance of your muscles, cardiovascular systems, respiratory organs, bones, blood veins, skin and other internal organs to everyday activities makes you physically fit in all aspects. There are some simple exercises which could help you shed weight, burn fat and cholesterol, purify blood and enhance metabolism. Your body can find its natural rhythm with a few weeks or months depending on your present physical health and fitness levels.

Early Morning Exercises

Early Morning Exercises

  • Brisk walking can help in livening your muscles and bones to great extent. If you are a beginner it is better to take it easy and start with slow paced strides. After 15 days your body gets conditioned for brisk walking. Then you could opt for jogging. Remember to stop when your body says so.
  • Once you are home you can drink one litre of pure water 30 minutes before elimination. Once you are fresh after shower you can consume one full glass of fruit juice before breakfast.
  • If you engage in physical exercises on gym equipments, make sure you don’t go in an empty stomach. It is better to eat 1 hour before your workout. You can opt for raw veggie salads, fruit juices, bread and egg, banana, oats or whole grains.

2Keep your Day Active

Keeping yourself physically and mentally active can go a long way in improving your physical fitness. Your psychological status at the end of your working day determines your preparedness to take up your evening exercises. Keep your lunch light with salad, salmon, lean meat and pork or chicken. Drink plenty of water with a gap of 30 minutes. Avoid snacks in between meals and replace them with fresh fruit juices.

  • Having a foot massage with essential oils can be helpful in decreasing the volume of stress and fatigue from your body. Take a tub of warm water, mix two to three teaspoons of sea salt and dip your feet in it. Gently massage your feet for about 10 minutes.
  • Walking on the treadmill with a proper inclination makes a lot of difference to your exercising and fat burning. Keeping it an inclination of 1.5% you can improve your fat burning chances. If you wish to train your calf muscles, biceps and other main body muscles thoroughly, you need an inclination between 7% and 9%.
  • Physical training with bench press, dumbbells, plate twists, knee raises, hammer curls, kick backs, squats and rollers can help in enhancing the fitness of triceps, biceps, ABS, chest and back. You need to consult your gym trainer to know about your workout schedule for the week and follow it.

Supper Time

Fill your supper with veggies, berries, salmon, soybeans and whole grains. It is a good practice to have your supper early so that digestion happens faster. Having balanced volumes of carbohydrates, fatty acids, vitamins and nutrients help your body in preparing for the morning workouts.

Importance of Cardiovascular Health for Everyone

Cardiovascular health is concerned with the well being and fitness of heart, arteries, pulmonary circulation system, blood veins and blood. Heart is the core organ which is located in a region that is medially along with lungs. The circulatory system consists of complex loops of arteries, blood veins and vessels which carry blood from the heart to various body parts from head to toe. The central nervous system with its nerve tissues passing from brain through the spinal cord depends on the health of cardiovascular system. Hence it is extremely important for you to protect this system and nurture its health and fitness.

Basics of Cardiovascular Health

Basics of Cardiovascular Health

Care for your heart

  • Keeping your heart in healthy and working condition would be your primary goal. Diet and nutrition monitoring is very important. Fresh fruits, veggies (preferably raw and fiber foods like barley, oatmeal, rice bran and cereals could provide the required nutrients and minerals. Fish and shrimp twice a week as they convert cholesterol into healthy fatty acids.
  • Salt consumption needs to be kept at minimum levels. It helps in avoiding excess blood pressure and hypertension conditions.
  • It is better to avoid trans-fats like baked foods, fried foods, margarine, artificially processed foods, peanut butter etc.
  • Regular exercising on the treadmill, walking skipping and other exercises which improve blood circulation are considered to be helpful for your heart. It is also important not to overdo these exercises as they can add stress.
  • Avoid smoking and keep your alcohol intake at moderate levels.
  • Stress free lifestyle is one of the critical factors that contribute to long term heart health.

Moderate Blood Pressure

You need to control your blood pressure within moderate levels. It is considered to be critical for those who use tobacco and alcohol in excess, people above 40 and who are obese.

  • If you are obese fat burning is said to be the critical need. Consult your doctor and start with mild forms of physical exercises. Drink plenty of water and fruit juices. Brisk walking, jogging and cycling help you in shedding unhealthy fat.
  • Increase the level of potassium and reduce the level of sodium in your diet. Avocado, coconut water, banana, white beans and mushrooms contain potassium. Avoid smoked foods, frozen meat and salted nuts.

Mind Your Blood

Your blood free from toxic elements and fatty substances can carry oxygen, nutrients, vitamins and proteins to various organs within your body. Blood purification can be done naturally with the help of pomegranate juice, Neem leaves extract, and Basil leaves extract and avocado. Cabbage, broccoli, green tea and carrots are natural foods for enhancing the purity and quality of blood cells.

Keep Stress Away

Keep Stress Away

It is not only the physical stress on your body, but also the psychological stress which could cause variations in cardiovascular health conditions. Yoga and Meditation are said to be beneficial for cardiovascular health and fitness by those who have experienced the benefits. You could try them out after consulting your doctor about your present health and fitness levels.