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Simple Steps to Stay Away from Addictions

One glass of wine twice a week is said to be beneficial for improving blood flow, enhancing memory and better skin conditions. When this glass of wine grows to become a bottle of alcohol it starts threatening your heart health, kidneys, liver, blood veins and vessels, brain and the whole body. There are three types of drinkers, namely occasional, moderate and heavy types. The next stage to heavy drinking is said to be alcoholism for which there is no known cure yet in the medical field. Nicotine is another addictive substance which is an essential ingredient in cigarettes. It said to be responsible for many disorders affecting health and fitness.

 Steps to Stay Away from Addictions

Moderate Drinking

Alcohol consumption is said to be moderate when it is regulated at 13 drinks in a week for men and 7 for women. 350 millilitres of beer 140 millilitres of wine and 40 millilitres of hard alcoholic beverages in one drink could help in reducing heart disorders. Eating nuts, pork snacks and kebab before your drink can help in easing of alcohol effects. Chicken salads, fish and lean meat after the drink help in digesting the beverages and avoiding next day hangover.

Avoid Smoking

Every time you get stressed out or tensed up your automatic reaction is to reach for a cigarette. A long puff of smoke gives you the illusion of driving away your stress factors and making you feel fresh. In fact it is the opposite which is happening within your body and brain. The cells are getting addicted to nicotine by a process of absorption. Once nicotine enters the cells, there is practically no way it can be removed.  Lungs, blood veins, heart, skin and other sensitive parts of central nervous system start getting weaker due to excessive smoking. But quitting is not as easy as you imagine.

  • Withdrawal symptoms are compounded by the release of epinephrine chemical from your brain which makes it impossible to concentrate and relax. Gradual reduction of smoking (for example three cigarettes a day) could help in long term recovery.
  • Eating chocolates or peppermint when you get a craving for nicotine is known to be helpful. Ginger can help in reducing feelings of nausea and removing toxic substances leftover in your body due to cigarettes. Pepper is a known medicine for clearing your lungs and respiratory system.

Stop Weed and Drugs

People smoke Marijuana for the effects it produces, taking them to a state of hallucination and escaping from reality of life. Soon it becomes an addictive behaviour for the body and brain cannot function without it. Total abstinence is supposed to be the only way in which once can stay away from the addictive behaviour. If the addition is in critical stages one may need medical treatment and therapy before going on programs to stay clean “one day at a time” which are also applicable to alcoholism. Staying   away from additions after being affected by them is not an easy task and needs a desire to stay away as the primary requirement.

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